About Us

Founded in 2015, HR Fit, LLC is dedicated to making workplaces great through great HR. Our team of human resources professionals is dedicated to living this mission. We are positive-thinking, client-focused, and solution-oriented. We make a meaningful impact in the lives of our clients and serve as their trusted partner, providing them with guidance and support for some of the most sensitive and important aspects of their work.

We are a full-spectrum human resources consultancy, providing services from the executive to generalist levels, but we also understand human resources is really about human relationships. When you partner with HR Fit, you receive all the HR services you need, when you need them, but at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time HR staff with this level of expertise.

We are more than your “ounce of prevention” that reduces employment risk — we’re your strategic HR business partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

I could never work in HR. Why do you do this?

HR isn’t for everyone, but it’s certainly for us. At its best, HR is about humans. People spend so much time at work — it’s a significant part of their lives. HR can make an incredibly positive impact. For smaller clients, they may only face a challenging HR situation once every few years. When they do arise, however, those times can be incredibly difficult, possibly threatening the very existence of the business. Being able to help them navigate those situations is gratifying.

What Do You Charge?

HR Fit meets the client where they’re at. We structure our services on an hourly, retainer, or project basis.

Where do you provide services?

It really depends upon the service. Most of our clients are in Central Illinois, stretching from the Quad Cities to Decatur. However, we provide services throughout the United States. Commonly, a client will have remote workers based in multiple states, from California to Florida. Much of our work can be done remotely via virtual meetings, phone calls, and emails.