Strategic HR Consulting

How does HR coincide with your organization’s vision? HR Fit aligns your HR functions with your business strategy. In other words, we work to ensure your HR processes work to complement your business functions and empower your employees. We make sure your HR tools and processes reflect the needs of your business and focus on your goals.

HR Fit Principal Consultant Erik Christian recently spoke at the at the Human Services Collaborative meeting on Feb. 2 in Peoria, IL and gave some valuable insights on effectively managing a multi-generational workforce. Check out the video from the event here.

Interim HR Support

We can provide services to any client between HR professionals, whether someone has taken a new job or you need support right away. Our team offers immediate support from trained, experienced HR professionals, bringing years of expertise and knowledge on how to help navigate delicate personnel situations when you need it most.

HR Functions & HR Staffing Needs Analysis

How do you know what your organization needs? Do you require a full-fledged HR department, or just a generalist? Our team will help determine the appropriate staffing model for your entire HR department as well as the scope and depth of the HR work your organization will need.

HR Policy & Practice Reviews

Are your current HR functions strong enough or should they be improved — or replaced altogether? Our team will assess the current state of your HR functions and provide recommendations on how to strengthen them in addition to closing compliance gaps. Some may call this an audit, but the truth is policies and practices vary by organization — our approach considers your specific challenges and creates a fully customized solution.

Employee Handbook Development

Your employee handbook is one of the most fundamental documents in the employee/employer relationship. We’ll develop and revise your employee handbook to suit your organization. We don’t take a standardized approach — not all handbooks fit all employers and not all policies work for all organizations. We’ll take an in-depth look at your organization and ensure we’re communicating all pertinent information to reduce your risk for liability, as well as providing your employees with a complete list of rules, regulations, and expectations.

Job Description Development

Let’s be honest — job descriptions can be extremely mundane. But they’re also incredibly important once a prospect challenges the requirements, or when an employee requests a medical or other accommodation. We’ll develop job descriptions that are accurate reflections of what you’re looking for in an employee and what you expect from the position, providing a layer of protection for both you and your team.

Hiring Process Development

From scouting prospects to onboarding, the hiring process can be arduous, and if not done correctly, can leave compliance gaps wide open. Our team will develop a hiring process that fits your organization and acknowledges the candidate experience. We’ll coordinate the entire hiring cycle, including deciding what position to hire for, recruiting and sourcing, candidate interviewing and selection, and onboarding. Finally, our team will close compliance gaps and establish employer best practices for your business.

Evaluation Process Development

How do you ensure your staff has a thorough paper trail of employee performance? How do your employees know what areas of their job performance they’re excelling at and what areas need improvement? Our team provides valuable feedback to your employees on how to best do their job and provides you with sound documentation of employee performance.