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Insights, tips, and advice on how you can build a better workplace for you and your employees.

  • workplace team implementing hr strategies

    How an HR Strategy Can Improve Your Operations

    Implementing an effective HR strategy can help align employers’ business functions with their goals. Learn more about what an HR strategy is and how our strategists work closely with employers to help meet their needs.

  • Leave of Absence form attached to clipboard

    What You Need to Know About the Paid Leave For All Workers Act

    The Illinois Paid Leave for All Workers Act was signed into law earlier this year and will go into effect January 1, 2024. We encourage our clients to review their paid leave policies to be compliant with this new law while maintaining a healthy workplace through time off benefits for employees.

  • college student getting ready for interview

    HR Fit, ICC Partner for Good Jobs IT Workforce Accelerator Sessions

    HR Fit is honored to partner with IT Workforce Accelerator for a series of free workshops designed to help employers improve their Information Technology (IT) employment strategies. HR Fit Principal Consultant Erik Christian and HR Strategist LeAnne Moritz will lead the IT People Strategy Workshop with two identical sessions.

  • Job candidates reviewing their resumes before their interviews

    Reduce Your Turnover Rate with Compensation Studies

    Keeping your most valued employees is paramount in today’s job climate, but doing so means thoroughly examining your business and, setting biases aside, comparing yourself to your competition.

  • inspiring recognition program

    The Importance of an Inspiring Recognition Program for Employee Engagement

    HR Fit can help with employee engagement (as well as other strategic HR consulting services). Often workplaces need improvement in employee engagement. While recognition programs can be a hefty budget line item, it’s worth it.

  • Woman meeting with new client smiling and shaking hands

    Why Onboarding Matters for Your Business

    Getting an employee familiar with their roles and their job is a process that always takes time, but how do you integrate that employee into your business’s culture?