Training & Development

Is your management team equipped to administer HR processes? HR Fit can provide training and development for your team, as well as compliance and best practice training, including sexual harassment, anti-discrimination, and more.

Manager Development Training

How do you make sure you’re leading people effectively? How do you ensure you’re someone worth following? Our team provides classic manager training, coaching new and existing managers on how to be successful in their roles. Executed from an employee-focused perspective, we’ll teach managers how to balance compliance issues and ensure employees understand potential landmines and pitfalls against best practices. Ultimately, our training results in managers who engage employees and lead at their highest potential, in turn helping their employees reach their highest potential.

HR Basics Training

Understanding the fundamentals of sound HR practices can be confusing. Our team can provide training for new HR practitioners, or we can provide training to employees who have been tasked with HR duties. This ensures your team understands HR basics clearly and can successfully navigate the maze of rules and regulations.


Breaking into the HR profession for the first time can be challenging. Newcomers must think of how to serve both the employer and the employee — an adjustment that can be quite tricky. Our team will provide executive coaching for HR professionals, helping new HR directors and leaders. Whether it’s someone newly hired in or promoted up through the ranks, we’ll provide coaching on how to think more strategically about the HR needs of an organization and provide the insight and support needed for HR leaders to be successful.


Transforming a manager into an executive takes time, development, and encouragement — it doesn’t just happen overnight. From organizational rookies to company veterans, we can provide the job skills training necessary for developing your leadership talent, supporting all your leaders — including C-suite members — as they rise through the ranks.