Generalist HR Services

Even the most basic HR functions can take time away from managing your organization. That’s where HR Fit comes in. We can manage your core HR functions by coordinating hiring, benefits, employee exits, and more. These services are delivered efficiently, and best of all, the vast majority can be done remotely.

Daily HR Administration

Day-to-day handling of HR-related tasks takes time away from your job, as well as your employees’. Our team provides regular HR support and administration of day-to-day HR issues — including the coordination of the hiring process and attendance issues — for a fraction of what a full HR department would cost. Sometimes we’ll provide on-site support, but when we don’t, we’re easily accessible via text, phone calls, emails, Zoom, Microsoft Teams — no matter what, we’re here to provide 24/7 support.

Recruiting & Hiring

So, you have the work — but where are the workers? These days, employers must move quickly in the job market. Those who don’t are losing candidates and capital. Thankfully, we’re more than just a get-in-and-get-out recruiting agency. We get to know the ins and outs of your organization to understand what you’re looking for in a candidate and the expectations you have of the position. From writing interview questions to orientation, we’ll manage the entire hiring process and ensure you’re getting the best return for your investment.

Employee Relations

From discipline to coaching, both employers and employees should be intentional in how to engage one another. Employee relations is the sum of everyday interactions with the employee and the employer. Our team brings years of expertise and help with an employee relations strategy and ensure positive, constructive interactions in the workplace.