Urgent HR Support

Should a personnel issue arise, are you equipped to handle it? Our experienced HR staff can navigate challenging employee issues that may come up. Hopefully it’s never needed, but if you and your organization are faced with a harassment complaint, employee behavior concern, workplace investigation, or other sensitive HR issue, HR Fit is readily available.

Urgent Employee Relations & Discipline Issues

Disciplinary issues can be very tricky for employers and can cause a lot of strife and liability if not handled correctly. We’re here to help when an employee has violated your workplace policies or procedures and guide you through how to properly address the situation, whether it’s something minor such as attendance or something more serious such as workplace harassment. We are available to help with interpersonal issues as well as assisting in identifying communication issues.

Workplace Investigations

Need help conducting a more thorough look at the root cause of some personnel issue? We’re trained and experienced workplace investigators. We provide third-party investigation services for things as serious as sexual harassment or racial/gender discrimination claims, ensuring you get someone objective and impartial responding promptly.

Preventative HR

HR Fit wants to be there for you and your employees when a problem arises, and we want to use issues as opportunities to help your organization grow and learn. Our experts are eager to come alongside your team to help find solutions and implement strategies that prevent problems in the future. Sometimes things happen that you cannot control, but we believe intentional HR strategies can keep your workplace running smoothly.